You will find our on-site office at “Le Glacier” where you will be able to pay and to give the additional documentation.


La Chapelle en Valgaudemar

Friday 27th  January :

  • Delivery of the race number around 18h

Saturday 28th January:

  • Musher Meeting around 9h
  • Race start around 11h

Sunday 29th  january :

  • Race start around 11h

Saint Maurice

Monday 30th january :

  • Departure to Saint Maurice
  • Race Start around 12h

Tuesday 31th january :

  • Race Start around 11h



Wednesday 1st Februrary

  • Departure to Reallon
  • Day off

Thursday 2nd February

  • Race Start around 11h

Friday 3d February :

  • Race start around 9h
  • Departure to Superdevoluy


Saturday 4th february :

  • Race start around 11h
  • Night Race start around 18h

Sunday 5th february :

  • Race start around 10h