• Olivier Pauliat :

OlivierPresident of ASTCC05 club, together with Olivier Chadapeaud setted up La Valgaude Traineau. Musher amateur and passioned about organizing sport events, sharing, and challenges,… All of this explain why La Valgaude is always in progress and combine sleddogs with human adventure.




  • Sandrine Pauliat :


A passion never lives alone, Sandrine is an evidence. Sled dogs passion and mushing became a family history at Pauliat home.

Active member of l’ASTCC05 club, Sandrine is a pillar of La Valgaude Traineau since the beginning.


  • Bernard Schied :

BernanrdKnown Musher and well known in the sled dogs universe.

Bernard is a treasurer of ASTCC05 club and La Valgaude Traineau. His experience and know how are essential to create and carry out with all tracks that give personality to La Valgaude Traineau.


  • Montse Claverol :

montseMontse has officially joined LV Team during 2015 edition sharing her knowladge about Pirena and her know-how as a stage races manager.

Known musher and well known further Catalonia, Montse gives a fresh point of view to this kind of sport events.



  • Thierry Lutter :

ThierryThanks to Olivier Pauliat, who managed several adventures with, Thierry descovered sled dog univers and joined LV Team since 2nd edition.

His outsider point of view of mushing and his knowledge about association network world contribute to give a freshness and innovation to La Valgaude Traineau.


And of course all people volunteer who make LV become a reality!